A-Z  :   El Roi Guest Lodge Policies and Services

1. Arrival and Departure Times:

  • Check in time is at 2pm

  • Check out time is at 10am

  • Early check out (before 7am) is possible – drop key option – please see point 12 for details

  • Late arrivals have to be pre-arranged, and an additional waiting up fee will apply

2. Airport Transfers:

  • KMIA Airport transfers are available at R200 per vehicle (only 3 people per vehicle) – please ask about availability and book beforehand 

3. Braais (BBQ):

ONLY the self-catering Cottages each have their own Braai facilities

  • The En-suite rooms DO NOT have Braai or kitchen facility access

  • There is a braai area with 4x BBQ's next to the main pool, which is available to all guests.

 4. Breakfast:

Breakfast is served on the main porch between 7am and 9am at R125 per person.

  • Breakfast includes Continental Breakfast, English Breakfast, Coffee/Tea and Juice.

  • Please book the day before

 5. Car Wash:

Arrangements can be made to have your car washed by the gardening staff 

  • Booking must be made the day before at the front desk to arrange for extra staff

  • Price R200 per car

  • Please note this is standard car washing (wash and dry) - Only the outside of the car can be washed and dried (not polished)

  • No vacuum or valet available

 6. Conserving water:

  • Everyday millions of gallons of water are used to wash towels and linen that have only been used once.

  • For our guests staying longer than 4 days: Linen will be changed every four days.


7. Coffee/Tea/Rusks:

  • Coffee, tea, long life milk, sugar and rusks are provided upon arrival as a starter kit.  Extra starter kits can be purchased from Reception or visit the reception for other refreshments.

8. Dinner:

  • Da Loose Mongoose Restaurant is about 6km from us – ask reception for directions

  • Magnolia Fine Dining and Gum Treez Pub and Grill are all good choices

  • Debonairs, Steers, Fishaways and Galitos deliver here before 7pm, they charge a R25 delivery fee and it is customary to tip your driver 10% of your order value. Menus available at reception

  • Contact number for Delivery (Debonairs, Steers & Fishaways): 013 751 3943 (When they ask for a telephone number, please use 082 774 9455 – this number is already linked with the correct address – just specify your room number)

 9. Dogs:

  • Our Dogs are part of the security at El Roi Guest Lodge.  “Mika” (Red Collar) and “Onke” (Green Collar) are the large Black Russian Terrier sisters. 

  • If you are moving around at night time the dogs will bark – do not run away or creep around corners, just stand still and talk to them in a calm voice – they are used to guests coming and going – so just act like a guest

  • Please do not allow the dogs inside the units

  • Do not feed the dogs sharp bones or spoilt food 

10. Energy Saving:

  • Please help us conserve energy.

  • When you leave your room – please switch off all lights, fans/aircons, heaters and televisions. 

11. Fire or Emergency: (see point 33 for emergency phone numbers)

  • Inform management immediately - Proceed to the safety meeting point.

  • Safety meeting point is at the Large Shed with green roof

 12. Front Gate:

The Front Gate is remote operated.

  • Each guest rooms have their own remote access button.

  • Press the button once and it will close itself after 20 seconds

  • You can also press the button again to close the gate

  • Please make sure that the gate closes behind you and that no-one enters behind you

  • For early departures – if you need to depart early – lock your room, take the key with you to the gate. Use your remote to open the gate and then drop your key through the security house window at the gate. You will have 20 seconds to get outside the gate before it starts closing again. The gate also has a sensor.

 13. Guest’s visitors

We allow day visitors at R100 per adult and R50 per child

  • If there will be an additional person staying over for one or more nights of your stay – they must be checked in at the front desk and your room rate will be adjusted accordingly as our rooms are priced per person

  • Anyone who is not a guest at El Roi Guest Lodge, must be reported and booked in by Management

  • Guest visitors are allowed between 10:30am – 6pm.

  • A Maximum of 1 visitor per paying guest is allowed.

 14. Groups:


Please note that bookings made for 6 people or more are considered to be a group. 

  • Can you kindly acknowledge and accept our group rules before arrival. Please reply to this email and state that you have read and agree to the Group Rules.  Also note that you as the booker and contact person is responsible for your group.  You also agree on behalf of your group that you will ensure that all the group rules are communicated to the rest of your group and that they understand and will adhere to the rules. 

  • Holding/Damage Deposit of R200 per person will be required upon arrival for all group bookings – This is for any breakages that might occur and to ensure that guest house rules are followed. This will be refunded to you within 5 working days of your departure, if no damages occurred and the house rules were abided by. (example: Group of 8 people x R200 = R1600 should be paid upon arrival as damage deposit) 

  • We ask that groups would be considerate of other guests.  The lodge has 9 units and groups tend to be noisy and this then disturbs the peace of our other guests. We want all of our guests to have a pleasant experience at El Roi Guest Lodge and this is a Family Friendly establishment.

  • Please NO loud noises, NO shouting, and NO Loud music is allowed. NO Music is allowed at the pool area. 

  • Each unit has an outside seating area where you can enjoy your own drinks and soft music. Your music should not be heard by the room next to you. Normal TV volume is generally acceptable. 

  • 10pm is quiet time.   No noise and No music will be tolerated after this time – right of admission is reserved. 

  • Proper swim wear and clothes is required at the pool/lapa area - no pyjamas (or sleepwear or underwear) are allowed at the pool, No protruding swimwear is allowed (NO G-strings or Thongs) – Please, this is a family establishment. Guests must be properly dressed when in any of our public areas. 

  • NO Bath towels are allowed at the pool.  Please bring your own swimming towels or you can rent one from the restaurant at R30 per day – holding deposit of R170 

  • No Glass is allowed IN or Around the pool. This is a serious hazard. 

  • The parking area is where we receive and welcome our guests, please no drinking, no music or sitting in the parking area. Switch car music OFF when entering our premises, as the guest rooms are located close to the parking area. 

  • In the case of group bookings – Cutlery, crockery and kitchen equipment is often moved between Cottages when groups eat together – please ensure that all inventory is moved back to its original cottage before departure.  Otherwise, you will be charged for missing items from your Cottage. 

  • Tour bus Drivers or Drivers – remember to book a room for your driver, we do not allow people to sleep in their vehicles. They will be counted as an additional person. 

  • If you are looking for a place, where you can play loud music, shout and scream, get drunk and misbehave – then this is NOT the establishment for you.  Our focus is families.

  • We have these rules in place in order to ensure that all guests at El Roi Guest Lodge have a great experience.  We try to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can rest and enjoy the nature around you.  We understand that people enjoy their music, but music taste differs and can spoil someone else’s stay if not at a respectable volume.

 15. House Keeping:

Rooms and Cottages will be serviced daily

  • Our ladies work hard to keep your space clean and comfortable, please be so kind to show your appreciation by leaving a tip (gratuity) upon departure on the night stand. This is great motivation for them to know their efforts are appreciated – Thank you

  • If the room cleaning is not up to standard – please inform management immediately

  • For our guests staying more than 4 days: Linen will be changed every four days unless otherwise requested by you

  • Towels will be replaced every three days

  • If you would like your towels replaced daily, there will be an additional R30 charge per towel.

  • Extreme Cleaning – in the case where there was an accident of some level and extreme cleaning is required – there will be additional R200 charge for this type of cleaning or any other extreme situation. Please inform management immediately about any accidents.

16. Iron/ Ironing Board: See Point 18. Laundry

17. Internet: See Point 32 Wi-Fi

18. Laundry:

  • We have a Laundry service that is priced per kg – please arrange the day before if you have laundry to be washed, so that we can schedule extra staff.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Laundry service not available on rainy days

  • Peak season Laundry service available at discretion of management

  • We wash a lot of linen and towels each day – so please bear in mind that same day service might not be possible. (Overalls or stained clothes will be charged differently)

  • Wash, Dry and Fold: R30/kg

  • Wash, Dry, Iron and Fold: R35/kg

  • Overalls or Stained clothes: between R45 – R65/kg depending on dirt levels

  • Iron and Ironing Board available for guest use – collect at reception

  • We do not take any liability should clothes get damaged

 19. Loadshedding: See Point 23. Power

20. Monkeys:

We do have monkeys from time to time on the premises; please DO NOT feed the monkeys 

21. Music: See Point 25. Quiet Hours

22. Parking Area:

  • The parking area is where we receive and welcome our guests upon their arrival. Please no sitting or drinking in the parking area.

23. Power:

  • From time to time – we have heavy thunderstorms that cut the area’s power supply.  Each room has a rechargeable light for emergencies.  Our water supply is fed by a pressure pump, so when the power is out there will be no water pressure. 

  • From time to time we might have Load shedding.  We will do our best to update guests to the load shedding schedules. If you would like to check the schedule yourself you can download the App “Eskom se Push” – we fall under the area “Marathon 6”. The App will then give you the planned times and send you updates.

  • We do have a Generator, but note that the generator will only be started in peak hours

  • Winter 06:00-08:00 and 18:00 – 21:00.

  • Summer 06:00-08:00 and 19:00 - 22:00.

24. Pets:

  • Unfortunately pets are not allowed in your unit or on the property

25. Quiet hours:

  • We ask all of our guests to please consider the other guests around you

  • No Loud Music is allowed – not everyone has the same taste in music

  • We ask that noise levels are kept to a minimum after 10pm and all music is turned OFF.

  • Fireworks are not allowed – as it scares the animals, please

  • Car music in parking area is not allowed. When you enter the parking area, please turn down your car music.

 26. Security:

  • Management does not accept liability for the loss of any property from the rooms or vehicles.

  • Please do not leave any valuables in your room.

  • Please do not leave any valuables in your car

 27. Shampoo/Soap:

  • We supply a dispenser of Hand wash liquid and each shower or bath has a Hair/Body shampoo dispenser 

28. Smoking:

  • Smoking is not permitted inside any buildings – designated smoking areas outside

29. Swimming Pool:

  • The swimming pool is free of charge for our registered guests and is located next to Fiesta Farm Reception

  • Swim at your own risk – no lifeguard available

  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

  • No Diving or Jumping, No Running or Horseplay in pool area

  • No Glass Containers in Pool Area

  • Only food and drinks purchased from Fiesta Farm is allowed in the pool/restaurant area.

  • Pool Hours 9am – 7pm

  • Please this is a family establishment – only proper swimwear is allowed (no protruding swimwear - no G-strings or Thongs - no pajamas)

 30. Tourist Info:

  • There is a Tourist info office at the Casterbridge Lifestyle centre in White River, Maps and Brochures available at reception

 31. Water:

  • Our water supply is from the Borehole, the tap water is safe to drink

32. Wi-Fi:

  • Free Uncapped Wi-Fi is available to all guests at no extra cost

  • Wi-Fi Password - elroi@111

  • You will notice that throughout the premises there are 4 x El Roi Guest Lodge wi-fi services available – there are wi-fi extenders to extend the wi-fi services to each room/area - choose the extension with best signal in your room and then enter the password above.  The password is the same for all extensions.

  • El Roi Guest Lodge

  • El Roi Guest Lodge_EXT

  • El Roi Guest Lodge_Ext 2

  • El Roi Guest Lodge_Ext 3

  • Some of the rooms have extenders plugged in at the wall socket – Please do not unplug these. If you do the Wifi will not work in some of the areas and rooms

  • If the Wi-fi is not available in your room, please let management know – that could mean that someone accidentally unplugged an extender. 

33. Emergency Contact Numbers:


  • Fire Brigade - 013 753 3331

  • Community Centre - 013 753 3331

  • ER24 - 084 124

  • Ambulance - Office hours - 013 753 3285

  • Ambulance - After hours - 10177

  • Police - 10111

  • Emergency number - 013 751 6000

  • Mediclinic Nelspruit Hospital - 013 759 0500

  • El Roi Guest Lodge Owner - Johan Strydom - 083 447 4427

  • El Roi Guest Lodge Owner - Willemien Strydom - 082 774 9455